About Us

Omelink is a global provider of customized contact center services
focused on offering innovative solutions for business clients from
around the world.

Our successful delivery model offers solutions covering complete
customer lifecycle leveraging collaborative models that are tailored
to address the unique business challenges of each client and help
them build brand loyalty and improve customer experience.

We partner with our clients to help them stay ahead of the curve
through transformational operational solutions and deliver increased
efficiency, deeper insight and superior outcomes. At Omelink, we
believe that working with our clients is an opportunity that helps us
generate mutual business values for our clients and us.

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Strategic Outsourcing

Omelink is specialized in B2B and B2C inbound and outbound services. From customer
service, technical support, acquisition and enrollment, sales, collections and claims with
capabilities to deliver services over voice, email and chat. Our services help companies
improve their operations, decrease their expenses, enable them to scale through our
cost-effective, value-generating, quick ramp-up capabilities.