Successful Solutions

We, at Omelink, have been playing a pivotal role in providing support to our clients in
managing some of the most crucial aspects of the customer lifecycle. This ranges from
getting the customer to understand the offered product/service, to be able to
buy/subscribe, till effectively & efficiently managing the customer post-sale of the
product/services. As part of our outsourcing services suite, each project receives
dedicated operations management, QA and Training staff.

Phone Support

We offer phone services to handle the range of queries over the
phone that includes explaining the usage of the product, service
or a feature, sharing details to purchase the product or address
any related queries for service or repair.

The efficiency & effectiveness of such calls is measured on the
basis of the count of calls resolved/closed and we have a high
success rate in this regard which is well above the client’s

We have been meeting the client defined targets for years now
and measure the success rate in the form of Client Satisfaction


This involves handling customer’s queries through the digital
channels namely Email & Chat. Customers write to us and we
then provide resolution basis the customer’s queries. Since the
scope of service includes technical support also so there are
times when we follow the email/chat response, with a phone call
to promptly close the concern.

Many of our customers now prefer to chat – the options for which
are available at the click of a button on the website & mobile App.
Through Chat, the customers are able to have their queries
addressed on a real-time basis without having to call & pressing
multiple options on IVR.
Like phone support, we offer chat & Email support at all times of
the day.

24/7 Outsourced
Technical Support

Our customer service is structured around an understanding of customer loyalty and retention as the
foundation of all great brands. We help our partners keep and grow existing customer relationships
through specialized outcome-focused problem solving, training in relationship building, and a focus on
meeting the metrics that convert customers into true brand advocates. When your customers face
issues with your products/services, how quickly and proactively you provide the resolution reflects
your customers’ notion about your brand and determines brand loyalty.

At Omelink, we understand the critical nature of technical support and offer a 24×7 outsourced
technical support solution aimed at providing immediate assistance and first contact resolution to your
customers. No one likes to get stuck.

And when your customer is stumped by a technical or process issue, you want to do everything
possible to find a resolution. That's why responsive and informative technical support is essential.

Our staff are hired with relevant industry and functional experience and are custom-trained to
represent your company’s culture while delivering quality tech support.

Costumer Service

Help desk services
Complaint handling
Payment and order processing
Technical support
Upsell/cross-sell programs

Technical Support

Installation and activation support
Remote troubleshooting and diagnostic toolset
First level support
Field technician support line

Acquisition and Enrollment

Profiling, and education
Customer activation
Upgrade and renewal


Service to sales i.e appointmet
setting, lead generation

Data Processing

Reconciliation and review
Market research