Why US?


Omelink provides contact center solutions that can help you achieve higher-levels of operational excellence. With over 1,500 committed professionals, who are dedicated, highly skilled and passionate experts with bachelor and master degrees we deliver customized services in a highly cost-effective manner.

Our capabilities help companies decrease their operating expense and focus on their core competencies of their business.
Being mid-sized company enables us to offer clients the best of
both worlds – the resources to provide a scalable platform and an
infrastructure that allows nimble and customer-focused services.

As part of our outsourcing services suite, each project receives
dedicated operations management, QA and Training staff.

High Financial Value

Significant initial and ongoing cost savings,
minimized upfront capital expenditures, and
additional discounts with add-on lines of
business mean you can focus key resources
on core competencies.

Rapid Service Deployment

Quick ramp-up capability enables seamless
service transfers with short turnaround times.

Consistent Brand Alignment

Complete alignment with client strategies,
initiatives and technological environments,
means Omelink serves as an extension of
your teams.

Service Metric Excellence

Rapid deployment of expertise and a persistent
focus on over-achieving benchmarks, means
service metric marks are consistently exceeded.


Improved levels of service and the ability to scale
teams and facilities to any size program enable
full flexibility.

True Partnership Experience

Dedicated, committed teams and a resilient
operational infrastructure results in seamless
and extensible integration with your long-term
plans and programs.

Our Agents

As a customer focused company, we seek people with passion,
enthusiasm, commitment and dedication to take on challenging
jobs with a goal oriented mindset.

Our employees are our pride, who play a crucial role in the
success of Omelinks growth and evolution as the outsourcing
destination for global brands. With an attrition rate of under 10%,
we have created a culture where we are focused on the
professional and personal growth of our employees.

Our Quality

Highly skilled, bachelor and master degree.

High financial value

Reduced costs.


Our Experts

Our experts have profound experience in the core business
practice areas of Omelink and having a background of work
experience in the top-performing companies.

Each of our experts brings progressive solutions to the
organization and ensure these are well fitted to the industries.

Our Leaders

Our Leaders stands apart in the contact center industry as
they bring with them the right set of expertise in their fields.

Having years of work experience in the industries gives an
edge to them to outperform on the solutions with a proven
record of success.

Explore the opportunity if
achieving your outsourcing
objectives with us.